• Wonderful Peace Hymn Art Printable
  • Popular Hymns that are in the Public Domain
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Wonderful Peace Hymn Art Printable


“Wonderful Peace” was written by Warren Cornell and the  music was composed by William Cooper.  This is a hymn art printable that I created using the 5 verse version of this much loved hymn.  The hymn in the background is “Standing on the Promises of God”, and I used an olive tree in the artwork. […]

Popular Hymns that are in the Public Domain


  Over the past 6 months, I have invested many hours into my new venture, Hymn Art Jewelry.  Lots of those hours were spent researching popular hymns that are in the public domain.  Sadly, some of my favorites like “I’ll Fly Away” and “How Great Thou Art!” are NOT in the public domain and are […]

Real Friends Don’t Count Chromosomes Printable


As an artist, it is essential that I be inspired in order to create.  I can’t just sit down and say, “I’m going to do art right now.”  It doesn’t work that way.  I’ll be doing something completely unrelated and then get inspired.  Then my inflection is different.  “I’m going to do art RIGHT NOW!” […]

Christian Owned Etsy Shops Holiday Highlights


Merry Christmas friends! I simply adore the holidays. Celebrating my King Jesus’ humble arrival in this world is all I think about at this time of the year. (Okay, I admit it, I’ve already been in Christmas mode since late September…) And since September, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the holiday […]

Why How Will FREE Printable Inspired by Humans of New York

Inspired by HumansOfNewYork.com

  I love the HumansOfNewYork.com Facebook page.  It keeps me grounded.  I share many of the posts with my husband and several with my 12 year old man-child.  And Sweet Gigi loves the pictures of the littles. This printable was inspired by this post of a Jamaican woman remembering her childhood and the values that […]

As Christ Loved the Church


When I was young(er), I would look at “old” couples and wonder how they could be so in love after all of that time. How could they even find each other attractive anymore after the weight gain, the wrinkles, the bumps, the bruises, and sometimes the scars. Now I know. When you are there for […]

Talking to Your Child About Drugs Is More than Just a One Time Thing


All of my childhood, I was told “drugs are bad”. But then when I did drugs, I was like, “hm, drugs are good!”. So we teach our children a little bit differently. We say, “Drugs are good. For a little bit. And then they will ruin your life.” We show them the photo timelines of […]

10 Standard Left Hand Piano Patterns Free Printable


Most of the stuff I make, I really just make for myself and then y’all get to reap the benefits.  So here is an easy to follow, free printable of the “10 Standard Left Hand Piano Patterns”. If you want to thank me for it, the best thanks a blogger can get is for her […]