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  • An Open Letter to My ExHusband
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Sunday in the South Print


I love to create, and I love the south!  So I combined two of my favorite loves and came up with this “Sunday in the South” print.  It is available in both a jpg format 18×24 (also fits a 16×20) for poster prints and also as a pdf that will print on 8.5×11 paper but […]

An Open Letter to the Mom Whose Bra is Falling Apart


An Open Letter to the Mom Whose Bra is Falling Apart My $5 sports bra that I got on clearance last year is literally coming apart. I desperately need a new one. The sport is long gone out of this bra, I assure you. My husband says, “Just go buy a new bra.” It sounds […]

An Open Letter to My ExHusband

An Open Letter to My Ex-Husband

  An Open Letter to My Ex-husband 15 years later, I sit here watching Sam Smith’s video, “I know I’m not the only one”, and it evokes such emotion in me.  Disgust, sadness, broken dreams, inferiority, anger. But not love.  Never love. I just want to ask you why?  Why did you do those terrible […]

Why How Will FREE Printable Inspired by Humans of New York

Inspired by HumansOfNewYork.com

  I love the HumansOfNewYork.com Facebook page.  It keeps me grounded.  I share many of the posts with my husband and several with my 12 year old man-child.  And Sweet Gigi loves the pictures of the littles. This printable was inspired by this post of a Jamaican woman remembering her childhood and the values that […]

As Christ Loved the Church


When I was young(er), I would look at “old” couples and wonder how they could be so in love after all of that time. How could they even find each other attractive anymore after the weight gain, the wrinkles, the bumps, the bruises, and sometimes the scars. Now I know. When you are there for […]

Talking to Your Child About Drugs Is More than Just a One Time Thing


All of my childhood, I was told “drugs are bad”. But then when I did drugs, I was like, “hm, drugs are good!”. So we teach our children a little bit differently. We say, “Drugs are good. For a little bit. And then they will ruin your life.” We show them the photo timelines of […]