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More of You by Bill Gaither Chords and Lyrics

So up until today, I had no idea that “More of You” was a Bill Gaither song.  I don’t sing it like he does, but you can click here to listen to a snippet of The Gaithers’ version.  I didn’t even know it had lyrics.  I learn something new every day.  And, most days, it’s […]


Ten Standard Left Hand Patterns for Piano Explained PDF File

I have so many of you who track me down after watching my original post on the Ten Standard Left Hand Patterns for Piano Explained asking for the PDF file that another reader was gracious enough to compile, that I am now making it available directly for y’all. And all of the emails warm my […]

Allowing Your Child to Grow

Allowing Your Child to Grow

Most goldfish will die or have stunted growth if they do not have enough space in which to grow to their maximum size. And so will you. And so will your child. Trust me. I know the fear that grips your heart when you think of sending your child out into the “unsafety” zone. No […]

Detoxing Your Spiritual and Physical Man

Detoxing Your Physical and Spiritual Man

In my mind, I still see myself as healthy. Because, you see, I used to BE healthy. I used to exercise everyday. I ate right. I took care of my body. So, in my mind, I’m still healthy. Until I look in the mirror. Until I try to walk two miles. Then I have to […]

Every Praise is to Our God Hezekiah Walker chordsandlyrics

Every Praise is to Our God Chords and Lyrics

Every Praise is to Our God (Chords and Lyrics) by Hezekiah Walker Every Praise is to Our God spans three keys, working up a half-step each change.  It starts out in Db (D flat), then it changes into the key of D, which is a half-step up from Db, and from there it finishes in […]


100+ Chord Sheets for Church Free eBook

100+ Chord Sheets for Church is the product of many, many hours of hard work, both on the piano and on the computer.  The reason I labored over this is to help other churches bring a little bit of organization to the music portion of their worship service. The chording for each song is done […]


Faith Like Corrie Ten Boom

Great faith is born out of great trials. I often think, “Oh! To have faith like Corrie Ten Boom!” But in order to have that kind of faith, you have to go through some things. Some bad things. Some downright terrible things. Since the age of about 14, I have studied the atrocities and the […]

fleece lined leggings copy

Deborah and Co Fleece Lined Leggings Review

When you are a full-time skirt wearer like myself, you look for ways to keep those legs warm!  When Deborah and Co. gave me the opportunity to review her fleece-lined leggings, I jumped all over that like white on rice.  I had just bought some leggings at Wal-mart and they were a TERRIBLE fit, and […]

thefaithofachild copy

The Faith of a Child

Three years ago, my husband was riding his horse and the horse’s foot caught a hole and flipped over with him still on it. He had all kinds of things messed up in his shoulder, and the doctors said that he would never have full-rotation back in his arm. During a church service, a little […]


Copywork Paper Printable Image

Click here to download the copywork paper printable image. This image is formatted at 300 dpi, so it is ready for print.  Its dimensions are 7 inches by 10 inches to allow for margins in your document without interfering with the shape of the graphic.  I created this all by my little ol’ self in […]