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  • My Husband is a Minister and a Biker
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As Christ Loved the Church


When I was young(er), I would look at “old” couples and wonder how they could be so in love after all of that time. How could they even find each other attractive anymore after the weight gain, the wrinkles, the bumps, the bruises, and sometimes the scars. Now I know. When you are there for […]

Talking to Your Child About Drugs Is More than Just a One Time Thing


All of my childhood, I was told “drugs are bad”. But then when I did drugs, I was like, “hm, drugs are good!”. So we teach our children a little bit differently. We say, “Drugs are good. For a little bit. And then they will ruin your life.” We show them the photo timelines of […]

10 Standard Left Hand Piano Patterns Free Printable


Most of the stuff I make, I really just make for myself and then y’all get to reap the benefits.  So here is an easy to follow, free printable of the “10 Standard Left Hand Piano Patterns”. If you want to thank me for it, the best thanks a blogger can get is for her […]

Messy Beautiful Love by Darlene Schacht of Time Warp Wife


I never do book reviews or really any reviews at all.  Very few of them are found among my pages here.  But I know that most of you will take an interest in “Messy Beautiful Love”.  The author is Darlene Schacht of TimeWarpWife.com.  As you can see from TimeWarpWife’s FB page, she is a pretty […]

100+ Christian Music Chord Sheets Free eBook in the Key of C

A happy couple in love with painted smiley and hugging

  Now not all of these songs should be sang in the key of C, but I have had tons of request for this version, so I finally just ignored my family for the evening and did it.  Much love and gratitude is appreciated   xoxo  Enjoy!   Download 100+ Christian Music Chords Free eBook […]

My Husband is a Minister and a Biker

My husband is a minister and a biker.

This is pretty much how my husband looked when we first got together 15 years ago.  At that time, he was a biker, but he was very, very few of the things on the above list. When we began to serve Christ 13 years ago, we “cleaned up”.  He did get rid of his bike […]

His Sister’s Keeper: Dear Boy in the Neighborhood

His Sister's Keeper: Dear Boy in the Neighborhood

So I turned down the wrong road when I left Girl Scouts tonight and went into a residential area. There was a 15 yr old (or so) boy and his 11ish yr old sister outside playing basketball. The goal was up next to the street. As I’m approaching, he hits her with the basketball and […]

Never Stop Your Wheels Encouragement and Printable


My mom and step-dad recently moved to Colorado, and my husband and I were the benefactor of their Huffy bicycles.  They are such a blessing! Those of you who follow me on facebook will have already seen the story, but for my new readers, here is the full dose of sweetness. For the first time […]