100+ Chord Sheets for Church Free eBook

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100+ Christian Music Chord Sheets for Church is the product of many, many hours of hard work, both on the piano and on the computer.  The reason I labored over this is to help other churches bring a little bit of organization to the music portion of their worship service.

The chording for each song is done using the Roman Numeral Chord method.  This method is simple to learn, and it makes transposing on the fly super easy!  I have put together a one-page chart that you and your musicians can print out and keep for quick reference, which is included (along with instructions) in the book.

Be sure to browse through all of the individual chord sheets I have here on my blog, too.

Be blessed!

This version uses the Roman Numeral Method (aka Nashville Numbering).  Download here.


This version is lyrics only with room to write in your own chords.  Download here.


Download the Key of C version here.