Detoxing Your Physical and Spiritual Man

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Detoxing Your Spiritual and Physical Man
In my mind, I still see myself as healthy. Because, you see, I used to BE healthy. I used to exercise everyday. I ate right. I took care of my body. So, in my mind, I’m still healthy. Until I look in the mirror. Until I try to walk two miles. Then I have to face REALITY!

It’s the same way with our spiritual man. We may still think ourselves spiritually healthy, because, well, we USED TO BE! But then when we try to pray, try to touch God’s throne, when we are faced with the reflection of who we really are, we find that we are not as “spiritually fit” as we used to be.

How did I end up at 180 pounds (5’7″)? Complacency. “Busy”ness. Laziness, even. Poor choices. It is the same way with our spiritual man.

Back to the physical–I have noticed lately that I’m not even hungry. But, yet, I eat. I eat fried chicken. I eat pizza. And chocolate But not all three together, lol. I am in control of the groceries that I buy and the food that I cook, and, yet, I continue to make poor choices. That is MY FAULT!

So yesterday I only ate a handful of sunflower seeds and made a mix of peanut butter (1/2 cup), coconut oil (1/4 cup), coconut (1/2 cup), old-fashioned oats (1 cup–NOT QUICK OATS), and sunflower seeds (1/4 cup) and have only been drinking water. (Melt peanut butter and oil, bring to near boil, stir constantly, turn off heat, add oats, stir it up good so that they absorb the pb/oil, then add other stuff.) I ate when I was actually hungry, and I ended up eating very little. Not because I’m trying to starve myself, but because I need to give my body a chance to clear the muck that is already in its system.

And so it is with fasting in the spiritual sense. We go and go and go, cramming more and more of the world down our throats every day, without giving our spiritual man a chance to get clean, to get it out. We get to the point where we’re not even hungry for God, because we are so full of the world.

Get clean before the Lord. Empty your spirit man of the world. Fill it back up with Jesus.